Over the past five years, Northern Bruce Peninsula has seen tourism explode with exponential increases in visitation year over year. Our Bruce Peninsula National Park is now one of the most visited in all of Canada.


Along with the impressive increase in tourism, NBP has seen substantial growth in Short Term Accommodations (STA) over the past several years. The Municipality has been monitoring the STA issue and has received a significant number of public comments, complaints and/or concerns. The Municipality is currently compiling an inventory of STA’s and believes that there approximately 600 STA operations within Northern Bruce Peninsula.


STA’s are creating concerns in some neighborhoods where issues regarding noise, overloaded septic systems, dwelling capacity, public safety, insufficient parking and other matters are being raised.  STA's however also offer opportunities to provide increased tourism accommodation choices, local income opportunities, and business growth.

Council has confirmed that addressing STA’s through some sort of regulation or policy is of high priority, and is seeking the community's assistance to help create a framework that will resolve issues surrounding STA’s and fully realize the benefits that

they provide.

Council is committed to ensuring that all points of view are considered and heard as we collectively work toward an STA management strategy.